What's up in Oct and Nov 2009?

1. Be a complete dancer – 4 Tuesdays Tango Course on 3, 10, 17 & 24 Nov 09

To be a complete dancer, follower needs to understand well what the leader do while he is leading and leader needs to understand what the follower needs when the follower is responding the lead.

Level: Suitable for all
Venue : Trio Spin Studio, 7B , Time Centre , 53 – 55 Hollywood Road , Hong Kong
Time : 9 to 10 pm
Admission Fee:
HKD 720 for whole series
HKD 200 for single lesson
Enrolment: You may either settle your payment by cash or EPS after your regular class or you may bank deposit to the studio’s bank account.
If you are not currently in regular class and would like to enrol, you may fax us the booking form and bank deposit. Please visit http://www.triospin.com for downloading the application form. Please also advise us which role (leader / follower) would you like to work on during the class on your application form.
Enquiry : 25212168 / info@triospin.com

2. Halloween Milonga on 31 Oct 2009

Date: 31 Oct 2009
Time: 8:30pm to 11:30pm
Venue : Trio Spin Studio, 7B , Time Centre , 53 – 55 Hollywood Road , Hong Kong
Dress Code: Mask and your favourite halloween costumes or party look
Admission Fee: HKD200
Booking and Enquiry : 25212168 / info@triospin.com

3. “Private Lesson with Candy/Anita” – by appointment

Private Lesson is an efficient and essential way to learn Tango. You can feel the teacher’s body and your teacher can fix your particular dancing problem by one-on-one teaching. No matter you are new to Tango or you are experienced dancer, you need a way to help yourself improve and/or break through. Private Lesson is one of the ways.

Send an email to info@triospin.com and arrange the private lessons with us. For those students who want to get more information about our private class or how we work the private lessons with you. Please contact us at info@triospin.com or 25212168.